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  • jun 18 2020Algonquin canoe trip

    Relatively chill solo canoe trip through the Joe, Burnt Island, Little Doe lakes. Four days, three nights June 12-15, 2020. The bugs were pretty darn bad.

  • jun 03 2020Rarotonga and New Zealand

    Feb 17 - Mar 19, 2018. Rarotonga, Cook Islands for a few days, then a relatively short flight to Auckland, NZ. Travel via busses and ferries through the North and South Islands, with two multi-day 'tramps' around tropical lakes, and golden beaches along the coast.

latest witty thoughts

  • The most exciting things that have happened lately: a tiny black bear and mom come into my site, and moving my tent under a tarp because it started randomly raining at 2am.

    jul 10 2020, night
  • It was great when the engine light came on. Exactly thirty days since I drove off with it, and when a warranty ended. This was also minutes after saying how great it was nothing has happened yet. Hoping it was the 35C outside that did it temporarily.

    jul 05 2020, night
  • The laundry basket is a most-recently-used cache.

    jun 26 2020, morning
  • How to waste both mushrooms and apples at the same time: put them near each other in a warm kitchen and wait for your science experiment to grow.

    jun 22 2020, night
  • Really strange coming back from four days in complete wilderness to the pandemic. The mosquitoes didn't care one bit about keeping their distance.

    jun 18 2020, afternoon

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